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▼ Report: The Exaggerated American South



Now, returning home to Tennessee from Brooklyn, six years between, it comes back in front of the sun: the ignorance and hate of American culture’s fascist forms of Christianity. My cab driver had gold teeth; is ready for the vengeance, the war of the soul, the enemies are coming; prepare the soul and his faith was generating money – rewarding his capitalist life. “There are those picked to go to heaven and those picked to go to hell at birth, he said.

“Predestination”, I thought.
We picked up another passenger who was reading the same book.

In the American south the deaths of America are exaggerated and placed in the dead center of the sun. The American south projects the right-wing’s psyche and amplifies its temperature: the south has been turned into a land of dead over-consuming ignorant xenophobes who kill, restrict, burn culture, demand homogenization and segregate those who live a lifestyle unapproved by their fascist-evangelical corporate-overlords-of disinformation.


The mutation of Christianity into a political machine was incubated in the south in the 1980s. I watched its expansion. My mom is a genius and instilled the idea of critical thought in me in spite of our small town of evangelical Christians who judged us daily, who viewed critical thought (culture) as evil, spewed hate, lived lives on auto-pilot, and remained in numb suburban glaze never knowing culture or life beyond a reality distorted by the marriage of corporate power, conservative ideology and hi-jacked religious thought. The idea of community or family is voided by cult-like devotion to these twisted ideas of Christianity, twisted ideas of “proper lifestyle”.


There are great people here but the south pushes most away. There are islands of consciousness, here. There are islands of consciousness resisting flattening across America, and we are left without pillows while the teeth of corporate America dream heavy. On the edge of the forest is death; a pastiche system – ugly, rusted, organic, technocratic’. There are a few of us here in the minor. We watch this system eat reality and we are collectively amazed the majority allows this oppression. We are looking and writing or protesting or sharing reports of this systems destructive maze while the masters of re-arranged public relations are spinning the rest of Americans like tortured happy rats in plutonium rain, oblivious to our new cancer. Outside, I am watching traffic move along. Driving to buy, drooling to shop, self-centered and de-educated. How will the world wake up?


We have to continuously write, talk about and confront a 1984-like erosion of our world. We have to be like storytellers who kept myths alive. We have to protect multiplicity and the idea conformity is the world’s evil. We cannot forget universalism is fascism. We have to produce constant reminders, broadcasts that create intangible tribes, that remind the world most churches in America are spewing hate indoctrinated not by religion but by a hi-jacked religion trained to turn us into corporate drones. We log onto electricity to feel the consensus. We know the paradox and read better knowing the elements, the atmosphere, extended space of a mutating reality out of control.


Out here in devastated flood lands, the chemical American south, we see the text of politics. As the collusion of Christianity and corporate rule have succeeded in removing literature from schools, one state at a time, these institutions have replaced culture with new books that spread the idea of official American aggression, ego worship, life as consumer, hatred of the Other and insistence on the fascist notion of the universal. Our symptom is less and less of the population is real. Violence. Thought violence. Erasure.


We grow and die and live inside fences dusted with chemicals. Someone is dropping chains, franchises, from the sky and onto landscaping. I’m kissing my girlfriend under the second brightest moon of the year. Tomorrow, a full moon, or tomorrow night. She is a rose in a field of strip malls, health industry outlets, chemical plants, car lots, redneck bars and funeral homes. She is back-lit by the flood lights of a subdivision built around a nondenominational mega-church. The land is segregated from adjacent residential and commercial zones by accidental barricades: an interstate and other structural fragments. An enclosed system; power and space. No windows in the church. No light. No glass. Camera systems. Secured front lobby. Administrative offices.


I am watching the ethos of politically infused Christian hatred: watching a daughter – my girlfriend – thrown into bankruptcy by an ex-husband, struggling to raise two kids and absorb the constant pains of her auto-immune illness, who is told by her family they would help, they could help, if she just “deserved it” and would “do right by God”. She has long been ignored and left to die by most of her family. The only way out: attend a church she deeply opposes.


Her family’s morals are an extension of religious corrosion and their judgements are the confusion of the mind of a cult and an allegory of American foreign policy. Her situation makes me want to either cry or dismantle her family’s faulty logic and leave them with words that will burn their brains alive.


What now for our zone? Doubled workers, but hands still bleed, too slow and deadened.


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  1. jennie currier permalink
    04/27/2011 2:20 am

    wow!—amazing man you are! left with tears in my eyes for the truth hurts!

  2. 04/27/2011 4:35 am

    Thanks for the truth and the poetry Damien. Long time no see.

  3. susan stagmaier permalink
    04/27/2011 6:09 am

    you are saying the unsaid..revealing not the unknown, but the evil that is known and hidden in a place where it is seemingly irretrievable. the people still aware and pure stay away, but as church takes over the political, corporate state..they will be victimized on many levels. evangelical brainwashing bile is the devil’s handiwork. and i say that meaning the devil is emotionless, spreading an evil veil of conformity woven of lies. soon, it will permeate most of the country, the world. we need to spread love, acceptance and support the ones not blinded. it is invasion of the bodysnatchers. it is not going away. where there is love and kindness, there is hope. you are brave and pure, rare

  4. If6Was9 permalink
    04/27/2011 2:10 pm

    Really captivating article, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts in such a poetic and interesting way. I have lived in rural northeastern GA for about 15 years, moved here from a northern state that I was born and raised in, have also lived in Oklahoma when my husband was in the military. And this is happening everywhere, but the religious aspect is certainly more intense in the south , than from the state I’m from. Oklahoma was pretty intense in that way, too.

    But the whole corporate/entertainment sleeping is prevalent throughout the whole country. Most people aren’t doing much, if anything in the way of doing what brings them real, lasting joy. Just trying to fit in with the crowd…but I have also learned that if I see this in others, I see it in me. And I’ve got to change MY thinking and beliefs about what anybody else is doing by healing that from me…we are not separated, we are all just creating and manifesting God in our own ways. And while I totally understood what you said, and I do agree, or used to agree with a lot of it, I also understand that more and more folks ARE INDEED waking up these days but the intensity of everything is scaring the shit out of them! Then they tend to hide…

    Anyway, thanks again for one of the most enjoyably negative articles I have read in a long time (and I do mean that “negative’ part in a good way, really!) , it was very nice to read something that well-written on the Internet.

  5. 06/03/2011 2:06 am

    Damien, this is passionately and eloquently written, a sentiment that I strongly feel about our Christian faith, or any kind of religious faith for that matter. I left the church when I was about to be ordained to the priesthood (later I embraced my real calling in the art world), and one of the reasons why I left my vocation is the incongruity of religious teachings –all religious teachings, if I may say it blatantly. I’m still a Christian believer, though, but I’m an ardent critic of our belief. I’ve written some articles and essays on Christian faith, only few were published, and I’d like to share this link to one of my articles “What We Don’t Know About God.” [ ]
    Thank you for this opportunity to read your moving article 🙂

  6. 06/03/2011 10:55 am

    perfect, glad you came to sum it up so beautifully.

  7. 09/16/2011 12:46 pm

    its the confluence of corporate greed and the military industrial complex we were warned about by none other then Eisenhower, who understood terribly how he had to send about 400 men a day to their deaths to end that same monster in Germany.

    And if you go to the website you will see what the other leg of the monstous triad, the vatican was and still is all about

    Hint its the first church to tallk about saving life.

    There is no word in our language to describe these type of people. Hypocrites hadly touches the surface.

    The mass murderers of humanity comes close

    and btw Hitler was born and baptised catholic in very catholic Austria. He has yet to be excommunicated dead or alive.

    But what he accomplished was remarkable

    Berlin was the thriving center of gay life in Europe. He threw the gays also into the ovens

    jews were respected, the teachers, bankers, professors, doctors of germany. We all know how that scene worked out.

    Gingrinch has made disparaging remarks about jews. Glenn Beck called the murdered 73 kids in NOrway “hitler youth”

    the nazis are back. renamed tea party republicans.

    BTW Quote from a blog by a tea party repub re med care………….

    “The only right is to be free from government interference to work in a lawful manner to procure what you need

    If that means millions starve and die, good riddance! I’ll look after family and friends as best I can, the rest of the universe is expendable.” end quote

    I never thought mental illness was catchy, like eg a cold or virus etc

    Dr. Mengele still lives. Riding his elephant.

  8. 07/06/2012 1:05 pm

    It’s really fascinating and interesting. I loved to read.

  9. 07/08/2014 11:01 pm

    A vision of an INSANE HELL!

  10. Ray permalink
    09/05/2014 8:28 pm

    Enjoyed your insight so much. Please keep these essays coming more often. Thanks

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